A. Hitchin' Post children's book | Julie Barker, Author | A Cowboy Rabbit Tale

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Hitchin' Post Children's Book

"His name is Hitchin' Post, this old jackrabbit who lives on a ranch called the 6Bs. His ears are so tall, if they were to fall, they'd hang all the way to his knees!"
-Excerpt from the book 


Hitchin' Post is a tale about a little cowboy jack rabbit that learns how great life is on the ranch that he loves, even though he experiences some ups and downs.  Julie Barker, Author and Carolyn Altman, Illustrator.  


Meet Children's Author Julie Barker

Hitchin' Post is Julie's debut children's story book.  With inspiration from her west Texas roots and being surrounded by the ranching heritage, Julie is fulfilling her dream of becoming a children's author. Along with the encouragement and beautiful illustrations from her creative mother, Hitchin' Post was born.  Julie hopes to have a series of children stories about old Hitchin' Post and his life on the 6Bs Ranch.

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