Golden Rule Craft for Kids - Treat Others the Way You want to be Treated.

Posted by Carolyn Altman on

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Words to live by.
  • I came up with this cute little "Golden Rule" stick person for the kids craft project at our church.
  • Thanks to my husbands for drilling a little hole in the top of each stick so that the kids could put a string through the hole to hang this little Golden Rule guy on a doorknob.
  • The kids decorated the string with beads.
  • The kids also added shorter strings through the little hole for hair.
  • Of course we used wiggly eyes on the face and drew a little smiling mouth.
  • We also glued 2 little fuzzy pom poms to the bottom of the stick person to look like fuzzy house shoes!
  • Using a cute font, I printed "Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated" from Matthew 7:12 on card stock paper, placing 7 on each sheet. Then cut the strips.
  • The kids glued the strips on the sticks.
  • Age range that made this craft was 4-11. The younger children required our help.
  • I rate this a fun, fairly easy craft. The kids seemed to like it!
  • Thank you to our local Sherwin Williams store for donating paint sticks!
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