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Commissioned Paintings by Carolyn Altman

The paintings below were painted upon request of a customers of mine.  I believe that commissioned paintings to be given as gifts or kept for yourself are so very special.  Contact me if you are interested in me painting a favorite subject of yours - or a subject that is special to someone in your life.  Christmas will be here soon!

Portrait of a Long Hair Daschund

This commissioned painting is a portrait of a long hair dachshund name  Maddie.  Maddie is a beautiful dog that I had the opportunity to paint on canvas.  I painted this portrait on a stretched canvas from a photograph. Sold.   

Sugar Me Sweet Pink Mixer Painting Commissioned

  • This is one of my custom order paintings, painted by a sweet girl that makes delicious cupcakes, cakes and cookies.  
  • The painting has a bright pink electric mixer and a soft green cake stand holding yummy cupcakes!
  • Original is sold.  

  • I was asked to do this painting of a special birddog named Julie and her two birddog friends in the background.  Julie is on point watching the bobwhite quail.  This was ordered and given as a Christmas present. Sold.


  • This bright sorghum painting was a commissioned piece  that I painted a pretty field of sorghum waiting to be harvested. Sold.

Pagosa Springs Mountain Cabin Painting

A cozy mountain cabin painting that I was commissioned to paint.  The cabin is near Pagosa Springs, Colorado and is nestled in a forest of pine trees and Aspens.  While painting this acrylic painting of a small quaint mountain cabin made me wish to be there, sitting enjoying the fresh mountain air.  I was inspired by the beauty of the mountains as I attempted to replicate it on canvas. 

  • Do you have an idea for a special painting, painted just you?  I would love to paint one for your!  Please contact me!