Hitchin' Post and the 6Bs' Ranch Hard Cover

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Hitchin' Post and the 6Bs' Ranch first in a series of children's story books by Julie Barker, Carolyn Altman, Illustrator

A precious children's book about a little jack rabbit that lives on the Six B's Ranch. It is a story about life...a lesson for all ages, set in the wide open spaces of a ranch. Barn dances, fences running end to end, cowboy friends, cattle and hard work.

"His name is Hitchin' Post, this old jackrabbit who lives on a ranch called the 6Bs. His ears are so tall, if they were to fall, they'd hang all the way to his knees!" -Excerpt from the book Hitchin' Post.

Available in hardcover and softcover. When ordered from our Etsty store, the book will be autographed by the author and illustrator.

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Winner of Reader's Favorite 2017 gold medal in children's general genre