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Carolyn Altman Art | Glory Bee Baby

Little Farm Girl Baby Memory Book | Hot Pink Hand Painted and Personalized Cover | Farm Baby Keepsake Book

Little Farm Girl Baby Memory Book | Hot Pink Hand Painted and Personalized Cover | Farm Baby Keepsake Book

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Our Little Farm Girl is just a darling little baby memory book! Personally handcrafted by adding your baby's name to the cover with no extra charge. You can add different things from the memories of your baby's life and cherish them forever. This particular book has a green tractor pulling a load of Hay for Sale!

*PLEASE NOTE: The processing time will usually take 1 - 2 weeks. Expedited shipping time relates only to the actual shipping. Please contact me if you are wondering how fast you can get the book - or if you need it really, really fast. :)

There are 54 pages with farm designs. Each Page is inserted into plastic sleeves for safe keeping and can be removed for you to add your sweet memories as they happen.

Your book is placed in its own canvas material envelope and shipped in a sturdy box. The envelope provides protection for safe keeping.

More pages may be added to the baby memory book because it is post bound and the post can be taken a part.

Personalize it with your sweet baby's name.

It is available in a 12 x 12 inch size.

Add cherished memories and milestones as you are prompted on each page. The pages are design with illustrations to match the cover theme.

Here are the list of pages:
1. Poem - "Warm fuzzy blankets to cuddle up with at night, the moon through the window lends a soft light...." just of the sweet poem that I wrote that is on the front page of the book..
2. Name
3. Announcement
?4. News Headlines
5. Day of Arrival
6. Birth Certificate
7. Baby's First Photo, First Home
8. Sonograms
9. Hospital Keepsakes
10. Height & Weight Chart
11. Identification Marks
12. Home Coming
13. The World as it Was
14.Welcome Visitors
15.Shower for Baby
16.Shower for Baby
17. Gifts Received
18.Gifts Received
19.Cards, and Shower Invitations
20.Family Tree
21.All About Mommy
22.All About Daddy
23. Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters
24.Religious Ceremony
25.Grandparents and Great Grandparents Pages
26.Baby's Favorites
27.Early Keepsakes
28.First Birthday
29.2nd & 3rd Birthday
30. 4th & 5th Birthday
31.Photo Page
32.Teeth Chart
33. Extra Photo Page
34.Growing Appetite
35.Early Keepsakes
36.First Christmas
37.Second Christmas
38.Third Christmas
39.Childhood Illnesses & Accidents
40.Baby's Achievements
41.Baby's Early Travels
42.Baby's Sayings and Doings
43.Daily Schedule
44. Immunization Records
45.First Doctor Visit
46.Health Page - Blood Type, Etc.
47.Things I Love to Do
48.Personalized Photo Page
49.School Days (Includes 4 School Days Pages)
50.Personalized Photo Page

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