Retro Tone Leather and Lace Cowgirl Art Prints | Leather and Lace Note Cards | Retro Color Tones

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Retro Tone Leather and Lace Cowgirl Art prints and note cards created from my Leather and Lace original painting. 

These art prints and note cards are printed using a retro painting tones, two other tones are also available.

In my "Leather and Lace" painting, this cowgirl has her lacy dress, turquoise necklace and concho belt draped over a bright turquoise painted chair.  Her cowboy boots with intricate designs are ready to wear as they sit on the floor close to the leather and lace attire.  

The prints are printed on a high quality canvas, rolled up and shipped in a shipping tube.  

The note cards are packaged in a package of 12 4.25x5.5 inch cards, they are blank inside.

The original is sold.